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Technical Areas of Concern

Welcome to Australian Experimental! We are a team committed to promoting the development of experimental rocket propulsion. We achieve this through the provision of necessary facilities to professional researchers and enthusiast. We believe that by providing access to affordable facilities and equipment, we can make their work easier. In turn, this will spur the development of the field. 

We recognise that research into experimental rocket propulsion cut across a wide range of technical areas. These areas are at the heart of every research activities, whether as an enthusiast or as a professional. In turn, we continue to develop our expertise across these technical areas to aid the progress of research into experimental rocket propulsion.

Our technical activities are in line with our goal. This is the development of experimental rocket propulsion. We recognise the various existing challenges that might limit the achievement of these goals for researchers. In turn, we commit ourselves to these technical areas to ensure that we can solve these challenges. We are headed towards actively promoting experimental rocket propulsion. 

Through our activities, we are convinced that we can address complex issues affecting the field. We are at the foundation of the development of capable and efficient propulsion systems. We believe our commitment will continue to spur innovation across these technical areas. 

We are researchers in every right. However, we focus on specific areas that allow us to develop equipment and knowledge base that helps researchers interested in experimental rocket propulsion. The technical areas that we concern ourselves cut across the following areas. 

Propulsion Science 

To understand the technical areas that we concern ourselves with, you must recognise that our concerns extend beyond the development of pieces of equipment. We also concern ourselves with the development of relevant knowledge base for researchers. In turn, under this area, we focus on the physics regarding electrospray propulsion. 

We maximise various tools and methods to achieve this. However, our significant focus involves experimental investigations. In turn, this ensures that we can be at the forefront of thruster development for both present and future needs. Our research into these areas is detailed and innovative to ensure that we can effectively cover the field for other researchers’ benefit. 

Spacecraft Systems

Another technical area of concern involves spacecraft systems. Over the years, various research activities have been ongoing to boost the development of experimental rocket propulsion. In turn, as a stakeholder within the field, we have committed ourselves to spacecraft systems.

For instance, we continue to prioritise projects that support providing a realistic area and environment for testing nanosatellite hardware. We maintain the highest standard in our research activities into these technical areas. We ensure that we can positively impact the area for other researchers’ benefit within the experimental rocket propulsion space. 

Aerospace Plasma Group

Another technical area where our activities extend to is aerospace plasma. This is an area that has attracted considerable attention over the years. In turn, in line with our commitment towards ground-breaking research, we continue to explore aerospace plasma group.

Our research activities explore providing solutions through technology to issues and challenges affecting the aerospace field. We also concern ourselves with the interaction with space-borne vehicles and air. While our research focus is experimental, we combine numerical and analytical methods to ensure we can achieve our results. 

We are also researching the implementation of plasma technologies into the aerospace field. We also explore nonthermal plasma technologies relating to propulsion and combustion. This way, we can meet the knowledge and equipment needs of researchers of experimental rocket propulsion. 

Electrospray Thruster Engineering

While we continue to propel the emergence of a relevant knowledge base for experimental rocket propulsion development, we also focus on developing technological products. This is why electrospray thruster engineering remains one of the technical areas that continue to receive our attention. 

Noteworthy, this aspect has become increasingly important to propulsion systems across different configurations. They are also poised to increase the efficiency of propulsion systems. This gears us to continue to invest our resources to ensure the successful improvement of these technical areas.

To ensure ease of operation, we collaborate with a wide range of industry stakeholders. This ensures that we can share relevant information and accelerate our research activities. In turn, the experimental rocket propulsion field can record timely development. 

If you have any more questions about our activities’ technical areas, you can reach out to us for clarifications. We are available to respond to your request and collaborate with you to develop experimental rocket propulsion.