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Our Products 

Welcome to Australian Experimental! We are a team committed to promoting the development of experimental rocket propulsion. We achieve this through the provision of necessary facilities to professional researchers and enthusiast. We believe that by providing access to affordable facilities and equipment, we can make their work easier. In turn, this will spur the development of the field. 

Our goal is to ensure that researcher have access to the products required for their research. In turn, this will ensure that they do not need to spend their time worrying about the development of specialised equipment. We take care of the provision of these specialised facilities and allow the researcher to focus on the specific areas of their research. 

We develop our products to be accessible to members of the community. We understand that there is no point in developing a product that is not practical enough to fit into the researchers’ needs. Even more, we recognise that it is redundant to develop products that only a few members of the research community can afford.

In this instance, we will hardly have done much to achieve our goal. As such, we ensure that our products are accessible and affordable to both professional researchers and research enthusiast. We welcome you to come on board and maximise our products for your research activities.

Our Product Range 

Our product ranges across various areas. This is against the traditional assumption that products must be equipment oriented. No doubt, while we provide equipment as part of our product offerings, they are more comprehensive. In turn, they cut across the following areas. 


We offer a wide range of high-quality equipment that is integral to your research activities. This development hardware ensures that you can enjoy a seamless experience as you conduct your research activities. 

Knowledge Base

Our offering also extends to the provision of a knowledge base. We recognise that a high-quality knowledge and information base is just as important as high-quality equipment if not more. This is because it allows you to deepen your research and eliminates weeks and months of trial and error. 

In turn, we allow you to access the comprehensive knowledge base that we have spent years developing. As always, the goal is to ensure that you can be on your way to a seamless research experience with our support. 

Our Products

We offer a wide range of individual products. Our specific products offering cut across the following. 

  • Internal ballistics software 
  • Re-usable motor casings 
  • Materials on propulsion or propellant research 
  • Filament winding equipment
  • Phenolic tubes reinforced with filament wound carbon
  • Specialised mixers, moulders, and vacuum casters
  • Load cells, pressure transducers, and electronics
  • Test motors

You can click here to find out more about our products. You can be sure to get industry-leading products for your research endeavour at Australian Experimental. 

Why Choose Us?

It is okay for you to wonder why you should choose us for your products. At Australian Experimental, we are not afraid to prove ourselves. This is thanks to our exceptional confidence in our abilities. So, here is why we are ideal for you. 

High-Quality Products

Our products of the highest quality. We ensure that every product that we offer can meet and exceed your expectations. We maximise the best materials and technology to bring our products to life. We maintain an industry-leading quality control measure that ensures our promise is not a mere bluff. Instead, it is a reality that we can proudly claim every day.


Our commitment to affordable products is another thing that ensures we stand out. We know the best quality will hardly impact the sector when researchers cannot access them. So, we commit ourselves to provide them at affordable prices. This will enable you to get access to the required product without breaking the bank.


Our offerings are specialised to meet your specific needs. While we offer a wide variety of products, we ensure that they are specialised enough to address specific research areas. Our commitment to specialised products ensures that you can get going in record time. Even more, it ensures that the touch of brilliance your research needs becomes closer than ever. 

So, are you looking to get the best products in experimental rocket propulsion? We have got you covered at Australian Experimental. You can contact us today to get access to our product listing.

We look forward to contributing to your research endeavours. 

Sell with Us

At Australian Experimental, we also welcome you to sell with us. We recognise that there is a wide variety of technology and knowledge base out there. We understand that these materials can help drive the development of experimental rocket propulsion. So, we are available to collaborate with you and offer your product for sale.

You can contact us today to get started on selling your product with us. We are committed to ensuring that your product reaches the appropriate space.