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Welcome to Australian Experimental! We are a team committed to promoting the development of experimental rocket propulsion. We achieve this through the provision of necessary facilities to professional researchers and enthusiast. We believe that by providing access to affordable facilities and equipment, we can make their work easier. In turn, this will spur the development of the field. 

At Australian Experimental, we offer a wide variety of products for your experimental rocket propulsion research activities. You can click here to get started on our product listings. 

However, beyond this, we manage the whole process of ensuring that you get access to your product. This is through our ordering system that manages the whole process. From indicating interest in the product to payment to delivery, we are committed to ensuring that everything is smooth and seamless. 

We take care of the whole process. We ensure we do not waste your time as we understand the wide range of research activities you need to concern yourself with. So, with us, you enjoy a smooth transition from an expression of interest to getting access to your product. 

How to Order

Our ordering process is both easy and efficient. To complete an order with us, you can contact us via the form here. You can then learn about the prices for your specific need and how to place your order. You can easily download our order form here. 

Our Conditions of Sale

At Australian Experimental, we cater to both domestic and international orders. However, we do that under our conditions of sale. Our conditions are as follows:

  • You must have filled in your order and signed it.
  • You must have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of our disclaimer.
  • You must be aged at least 18 years to complete any order.
  • You must order your product for research purposes rather than for profit, military, or commercial purposes unless otherwise authorised. You can contact us for clarifications.
  • You are not allowed to copy, re-sell, publish or transfer either as yours or otherwise any of our works except with express permission from Australian Experimental.
  • You are expected to use our products legally under existing local, state, and federal laws with full consideration for the operator’s safety
  • You are expected to use the product only if you are qualified to do so. Alternatively, you should employ someone qualified to do so.

Also, ensure that you retain a copy of your order for record purposes. This is to ensure seamless clarifications in the event of confusion during the completion of the order. 

How to Pay

We offer various payment options based on your location. So, the appropriate payment method will depend on whether you are a domestic or international buyer. Here is what you need to know.

Domestic Buyer

Domestic clients refer to those who reside in Australia. There are various payment methods available for our domestic customers. You have the option to pay through bank cheque, money orders, cash, direct bank deposit, or a personal cheque. 

International Clients 

International buyers refer to buyers outside the United States of America. We also offer multiple payment options for those who fall under this category. You can pay through cheque. However, you will need it drawn in Australian dollars through its equivalent to your local currency. You can visit your bank for such cheque. 

Also, you can pay through PayPal. However, ensure that you do not provide personal information to mail requests on the site. You can also pay through Western Union. All you need to do is go through the page and enter the relevant information, including those provided in the order page. 


We complete our shipping through Australia Post while maximising the Economy Airmail. In turn, you will receive your order within 7 to 10 days after it gets shipped. However, remember that some orders may take longer thanks to our specialised offerings before it gets shipped. 

For instance, some of our products require manufacturing then testing thirty days before we can ship. In such cases, you will need to include this duration when calculating when you will access your product. 

However, in case you prefer a distinct delivery method, you can communicate your preference to us. Where possible, we work towards maximising such option. Also, in the event of extra postage cost due to the change in delivery method, you will be expected to bear the cost. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get a product today and get right to ordering them? We are committed to ensuring that you get your order in record time and without any inconvenience. You can contact via the form for prices and placing orders.