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Our Projects Under Development

Welcome to Australian Experimental! We are a team committed to promoting the development of experimental rocket propulsion. We achieve this through the provision of necessary facilities to professional researchers and enthusiast. We believe that by providing access to affordable facilities and equipment, we can make their work easier. In turn, this will spur the development of the field. 

We recognise the importance of new developments to support research into experimental rocket propulsion. As such, we are currently undergoing various projects that allow us to achieve our goal. Our projects are resource-driven and are poised to impact the field upon their completion considerably. 

We continue to immerse ourselves in new projects even before the completion of another. This is in line with our belief that innovation should be unchecked if we truly want to impact our industry area. So, we ensure that we continue to consider new options deserving of our investment and time. 

We recognise that ideas can come from anywhere, especially researchers like yourself. Even more, we are well aware that we are not only the custodian of the best idea. So, we are always open to collaboration with both research enthusiasts and professional researchers. You are also welcomed to tell us your idea. 

We will consider them thoroughly in line with our existing control measures. In cases where we decide to explore your idea, we will let you know. This way, you are carried along about our activities concerning your innovation. 

Our Projects 

Here are some of our current projects. 

Hybrid Rocket Motor Propellant

This is one of our original concepts that we are working on getting to an operational level. The idea is to make this ready as a product in the coming months for researchers’ benefits. This hybrid motor is poised to maintain all safety standards while also delivering operational efficiency. 

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Fully Re-useable Composite Motor Casing

We are currently looking towards the development of a composite motor casing for rockets. Our goal is to ensure that it is fully re-usable. At the moment, we are at the concept stage. We are also developing materials to make it a reality. 

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Phenolic Nozzle Material

We are currently looking towards the development of a phenolic nozzle material. This design is tailored towards rocket nozzles. We are currently developing the formulation and constructing production equipment.

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Why Are They Relevant 

It is okay to wonder why our developmental projects are important. After all, we invest a huge amount of our resources into these areas. However, the reality is that their importance is undeniable. Now, here is why.

Provide New Opportunities

Our developmental projects provide new opportunities in the field of experimental rocket propulsion. The reality is that a wide range of research is currently ongoing within the field. However, their scope is sometimes limited by the absence of necessary facilities and knowledge base. 

However, with our developmental projects, we can develop new facilities that will allow researchers to explore new opportunities within the field. Even more, these projects will spur mouth-watering options for researchers across the field. 

Accelerate Existing Research Activities 

As expected, there is a wide range of existing research activities into experimental rocket propulsion. However, these researches, currently carried out by both enthusiast and professional researchers continue to drag due to the absence of adequate equipment. Worse, in some case, researchers are unable to focus on their research as they need to dive into research about possible equipment.

Now, this is why our developmental projects become the right initiative. It plugs this hole and allows researchers to focus on their research area, thus accelerating their research activities. It also ensures that researchers can access equipment at the appropriate time, thus avoiding a waiting period that will slow down research activities. 

Inspires Innovation

It is now common knowledge that innovation inspires innovation. For instance, through the innovative creation of the internet, people innovated more things like social media. Well, this is one reason and perhaps the most important reason why our development activities are important. 

We constantly challenge ourselves to innovate in our developmental activities. We believe that this, in turn, drives researchers of experimental rocket propulsion also to do more in their research activities. In turn, this positive cycle ensures that we can achieve our goals – the development of experimental rocket propulsion.,

If you have any question about our developmental projects, you are welcome to reach out to us. We are constantly starting new projects. So, you are welcome to keep tabs on our page for new developments. We also look forward to collaborating with you to drive the development of experimental rocket propulsion.