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Our Community

Welcome to Australian Experimental! We are a team committed to promoting the development of experimental rocket propulsion. We achieve this through the provision of necessary facilities to professional researchers and enthusiasts. We believe that by providing access to affordable facilities and equipment, we can make their work easier. In turn, this will spur the development of the field. 

However, we are not alone. We are merely members of a larger community dedicated to the development of experimental rocket propulsion. Our community consist of experts and industry stakeholders who share the same commitments. In turn, together, we drive unmatched progress poised to redefine our field in its entirety. 

As a member of this community, we are constantly collaborating with other community members. We recognise that our actions, while significant, is a part of the larger picture, one based on the collaborative actions of multiple groups. In turn, we are at the forefront of this collaboration, ensuring that we continue to realise the development we aim for within our field.

Our community is vital as it allows us to share knowledge across the board. We can curate relevant information from this community of industry-leading experts. This knowledge-sharing platform ensures that we can record development faster than ever. We also enjoy institutional support that ensures that development moves at the speed of light. 

Our Community Members

As a part of our community, we recognise that our community is diverse. In turn, it consists of various stakeholders with an unflinching commitment towards the development of experimental rocket propulsion. These community members include:

Australian Experimental 

It should be no surprise that we are a member of our community. After all, we share the same commitment towards the development of the experimental rocket propulsion space. We are constantly innovating to provide a solid foundation for future research into experimental rocket propulsion.

Our commitment is evident in the number of projects we are involved in. We are currently engrossed in a wide range of projects that will benefit research into experimental rocket propulsion. However, these current projects are not our limits. We continue to enter into new projects all to increase the success of research into experimental rocket propulsion. 

Researchers of Experimental Rocket Propulsion 

We hope to redefine the industry with our actions at the foundation of new developments. We recognise that experimental research represents an important aspect of society. We also recognise its importance to the development of new ideas. We are also aware that several researchers continue to dedicate their lives to this field. These researchers are members of the community. 


We are not just a community of individual researchers. We also have various institutional researchers as part of our community. These various institutions support our community’s activities by providing adequate opportunities to explore new areas. For instance, the Experimental Rocket Propulsion Society is one core member of our community.

For almost three decades, the ERPS continues to promote the development of efficient technology that will transform the ambits of rocket propulsion. For instance, according to its aim, it hopes to create technologies that can reach Low Earth Orbit in one stage. This commitment and innovative actions contribute positively to our community. 

Why Our Community?

It is okay for you to wonder why our community is special. At Australian Experimental, we are not afraid to prove ourselves. This is thanks to our exceptional confidence in our community. So, here is what sets our community apart.

Industry Experts 

Our community is made up of industry experts that are at the forefront of every new development within the space. The presence of industry experts means that we have the best heads within our community, sharing their knowledge. As you can tell, this makes our community the place to be.

Precisely, through our communities, you get access to recent thoughts on the area. These thoughts ensure that you can eliminate trial and error as you will find that your concerns have already been addressed. 

Continuing Development

Another thing that sets our community apart is the continuing development of our community. We are not static. Instead, we are constantly developing our knowledge base. We are also constantly adopting new technologies that allow us to remain at the forefront of relevant discussion within the industry.

Our community has remained relevant for the past decade. Similarly, we are poised to remain relevant in the coming decade. This is thanks to our flexibility and capacity to adapt to the times. There is no doubt that this makes our community a choice destination.

So, you are welcome to join our community. We look forward to sharing ideas with you and driving experimental rocket propulsion forward. In case you have any question, you can reach out to us.