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Australian Experimental


Australian Experimental!

We are a team committed to promoting the development of experimental rocket propulsion. We achieve this through the provision of necessary facilities to professional researchers and enthusiast. 

We believe that by providing access to affordable facilities and equipment, we can make their work easier. In turn, this will spur the development of the field.

At Australian Experimental, we do not limit our activities to just providing affordable equipment and facilities. We also extend our services to the provision of easily accessible knowledge and information base that will help drive the industry.

We are committed to aiding the research and development endeavour within the experimental rocket propulsion field through our activities and products. We are currently engrossed in a wide range of projects that will benefit research into experimental rocket propulsion.


Our goal is to ensure that researcher have access to the products required for their research. In turn, this will ensure that they do not need to spend their time worrying about the development of specialised equipment. We take care of the provision of these specialised facilities and allow the researcher to focus on the specific areas of their research. We develop our products to be accessible to members of the community.


At Australian Experimental, we offer a wide variety of products for your experimental rocket propulsion research activities. However, beyond this, we manage the whole process of ensuring that you get access to your product. This is through our ordering system that manages the whole process. From indicating interest in the product to payment to delivery, we are committed to ensuring that everything is smooth and seamless.


We recognise that research into experimental rocket propulsion cut across a wide range of technical areas. These areas are at the heart of every research activities, whether as an enthusiast or as a professional. In turn, we continue to develop our expertise across these technical areas to aid the progress of research into experimental rocket propulsion. Our technical activities are in line with our goal. This is the development of experimental rocket propulsion.


We recognise the importance of new developments to support research into experimental rocket propulsion. As such, we are currently undergoing various projects that allow us to achieve our goal. Our projects are resource-driven and are poised to impact the field upon their completion considerably.

We continue to immerse ourselves in new projects even before the completion of another. This is in line with our belief that innovation should be unchecked if we truly want to impact our industry area.


We are members of a larger community dedicated to the development of experimental rocket propulsion. Our community consist of experts and industry stakeholders who share the same commitments. In turn, together, we drive unmatched progress poised to redefine our field in its entirety.

As a member of this community, we are constantly collaborating with other community members. We recognise that our actions, while significant, is a part of the larger picture, one based on the collaborative actions of multiple groups.

Why Choose Our Products?

High-Quality Products

Our products of the highest quality. We ensure that every product that we offer can meet and exceed your expectations. We maximise the best materials and technology to bring our products to life.


Our commitment to affordable products is another thing that ensures we stand out. We know the best quality will hardly impact the sector when researchers cannot access them. So, we commit ourselves to provide them at affordable prices. This will enable you to get access to the required product without breaking the bank.


Our offerings are specialised to meet your specific needs. While we offer a wide variety of products, we ensure that they are specialised enough to address specific research areas. Our commitment to specialised products ensures that you can get going in record time. Even more, it ensures that the touch of brilliance your research needs becomes closer than ever.

We work with best partners

About Us

We are a team of passionate experts committed to serving professional researchers and enthusiast at large. We hope to promote research and development in this area through our activities. We hope to ensure that research into experimental rocket propulsion is more feasible through affordable equipment, knowledge, and information.

We hope to redefine the industry with our actions at the foundation of new development. We recognise that experimental research represents an important aspect of society. We also recognise its importance in the development of new ideas. We are also aware that several researchers continue to dedicate their lives to this field.

In turn, we dedicate ourselves to these special set of people who we believe are changemakers. We support them in developing new technologies and applications that are profitable and relevant to the industry’s development at large.